Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 13, 2022

How To Make Fake Poop, Yes… Fake Poop!

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Well, I can honestly tell you I never imagined I would be sharing how to make fake poop on my blog, but today’s the day. My kids are super weirdos, they constantly talk about poop and pee, in fact when I ask my son what kind of sandwich he wants, he regularly asks for a “poop sandwich”. Ok kids, your mom is crazy and she is going to give you exactly what you ask for! Boy have we been having fun with this fake poo, LOL. Chasing each other around with it, putting it in funny spots, and they love it when I pretend that they have tricked me with where they’ve put it. “Ahhhh, who pooped!” I scream and they just laugh. I hope you get some good ol’ summertime laughs with this one too.

*You can watch me make it in real-time on our Instagram REELs or Pinterest “Created“!

How to easily make fake poop!

This Cost Me Pennies

Fake poop goes for $10-$18 dollars online and then you don’t get the experience of making it, LOL. This project cost me $3.99 plus tax because I didn’t have the #1A frosting tip and I bought one, I already had everything else. The Fast N’ Final and the pastry bags were left over from our awesome faux whipped cream coffee toppers and the paint was already in my stash. Maybe some of it is already in your stash too!

Seriously I was cracking myself up while I was making this stuff.

Tease your kids with this DIY fake poop!


How to easily make fake poop!

Get Set Up

Cover a baking sheet with foil. I tried wax paper and parchment and foil was best.

Tease your kids with this DIY fake poop!

Prepare Your Bag

Cut a hole in your pastry bag and slip the #1A decorating tip in so that the bag is firmly holding it in place.

How to easily make fake poop!

Mix Your Poo

I did two colors. A darker one and a “warmer” one. Simply add craft paint into the Fast n’ Final and mix.

Then fill your pastry bag. I added both colors at the same time so that there would be a mix of colors in the poo.

Tease your kids with this DIY fake poop!

Pipe Your Poo

Pipe out the poo onto the foil tray in different fun poo shapes. LOL, I’m laughing as I’m typing this.

Let them dry for 24 hours.

How to easily make fake poop!

Turn Them Over

After they’ve dried for 24 hours, carefully peel them off the foil to reveal very wet insides, and then let them dry for at least another 24 hours.

Drying for four days total is best before playing with them.

Tease your kids with this DIY fake poop!

Then Have All The Fun!

How to easily make fake poop!

Great For April Fools

Aside from messing with your kids or the elderly who can’t see well (LOL, sorry I had to), this fake poo makes the perfect addition to any April Fools plans you might have!

Tease your kids with this DIY fake poop!

…it looks WAY too real in the grass…

This isn't real, it's FAKE poop! Perfect for April Fools or kids tricks!

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DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Causey-Kidder of Something Turquoise // Fast N’ Final Lightweight Spackling: Amazon It’s much, much cheaper at your local hardware store // Wilton Disposable Pastry Bags: Amazon // #1A Cake Decorating Tip: Amazon // Folk Art Paint, in Coffee Bean, Pure Black and a touch of Earthy Rose Terra Cotta: Amazon

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